Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Walking Along Jalan Kayu

Quiet dual one-lane road; Quaint; Prata enclave. Whatever you call it, Jalan Kayu has a very rich history. As I searched online, I found a photo on the internet that was taken in 1967. I've also included a photo that I'd taken today.

You'd realise that the shop houses on the right remains as what they were more than 40 years ago. It looked like the entire place has been bubble-wrapped and placed in storage! It's also amazing for the fact that Singapore's always tearing down old buildings to make way for spanking brand new towers.
The entire Jalan Kayu community came alive in the 60s, thanks to the British Air Force base situated at the end of Jalan Kayu. The prata shops have been there a long time, dishing out prata and other Indian fare. If only they have a prata counter to tell you how many pratas they have served over the 40 years (Any Jalan Kayu prata shop owners reading this?). I might just be the 1million and 1 prata kosong eater. Do I win a prize?