Tuesday, July 26, 2016

[Buildings] Jurong Country Club: Another One Bites The Dust

Main building of Jurong Country Club

By November 2016, Jurong Country Club will be no more. This was announced in 2015 where the government will be acquiring the country club to establish the High Speed Rail Terminus between Singapore and Malaysia. (1)

Lush golf course

I for one, had wanted to see the place before it demolition. Entering the country club somehow brings forth the feeling of serenity. It was all so quiet and peaceful.

Having a Meal at the golfers' Terrace

The Cafe Does a Good Ribeye

Stained Glass Entrance


Lim, J. May 12, 2015. Golf club to make way for high-speed rail terminus. Straits Times. https://www.mfa.gov.sg/content/mfa/media_centre/singapore_headlines/2015/201505/headlines_20150512.html