Sunday, June 12, 2016

[Local Brand] Chewing-gum of the Orientals

A 2016 packaging of this local cuttlefish brand

The tagline - "Chewing -Gum" of the Orientals is still way beyond our time. How did the makers foresaw that Singapore would ban the sale of chewing gum in 1992 and thus, they becoming the heir-apparent of all "chewing gums" was indeed quite interesting.

That said, Ken Ken Prepared Cuttlefish is still on sale in supermarkets after more than 50 years. Produced by Ken Ken Manufacturing Pte Ltd, most of their advertisements are joint promotion with major supermarkets such as Giant and NTUC. They had also formerly worked with Carrefour, Isetan and Econ Minimart.

Straits Times, April 17, 1977. Page 15 (1)
The company had gone through an expansion in 1977 where they purchased Pon Pon cuttlefish. Other than the trademark, Ken Ken also took over the Pon Pon's factory space over at Chin Bee Road. (2)

The cuttlefish was one of my fav snack of the 80s and though it cost quite a bit especially since I was just a little tween with only a little money in my pocket. It was popular amongst kids and they were readily available at the mamak stores. 

The company is currently operating out of a factory at 20, Senoko Way. Prior to this, they were located at 324 Tanjong Katong Road. (1)


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