Friday, May 3, 2019

[School] Upper Serangoon Technical School

Source: National Archive of Singapore.

Upper Serangoon Technical School. "Where is this school and what have they achieved?"

It was the 60th school that the current government had built. Other than that, what I had previously read about the school from former students' account did not give the school a glowing review.

Interestingly as I dug deeper, the rich history of the school and the many exciting stories started to draw me into the school's story.

The school has a number interesting stories. For example, the school song was written by a local band called The Bambinos. A number of alumni are also the whos-who in Singapore.

For more in-depth reading about the school, do click on the link.

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Daing said...

National Police Cadet Corps. Three students, Bedah Binte Abdul Rahman, Azman Hussain for two years consecutively (1977 & 1978)and Daing Alwee Bin Daing Abdul Latiff (1978) were selected for an educational tour to Java, Indonesia. These three were selected due to their achievements and contributions for NPCC. The selection was conducted at national level. Only 30 students total were accepted every year.

Appreciate if you could include these in the school’s achievement record. Thanking you in anticipation.