Tuesday, June 16, 2015

[Cameron Highlands] Kea Farm: 3 Worthy Things to do

Kea Farm is known to be an agricultural area of Cameron highlands. (1) From this area, there is a road that will lead you up the renowned Mossy Forest and the BOH Tea Plantation. It was one adventure that I would have liked to take but I had wanted to spare my elderly parents and children the walk. There were still plenty to do at Kea Farm.

1. Steamboat - Warming Up the Stomach

I've read articles about how good some of the steamboat restaurants are. Some came with tall steamboat chimneys while others proclaimed that kids eat free. But the best steamboat that I've tasted is located at Nova Hotel called Hometown Steamboat Restaurant. Like other steamboat gimmicks, this restaurant uses charcoal stoves for their steamboat. 

Beyond the gimmick, the food quality was pretty decent and the amount of food, enormous. I had with me my family of six, and I was advised by one of the locals that ordering three sets was sufficient. He was totally correct! The serving staff were lovely too, especially the restaurant manager.

Warning: You will smell like BBQ after you have finished your meal. But I loved the smoked smell.

2. Plucking Strawberries

With such a lovely weather that Cameron Highlands offers, fresh temperate fruits are abound. One of which are strawberries. Up in the highlands, strawberries are aplenty and you can buy load full of this fruit. But a better way to get your strawberries is to pluck them yourself. Adults and children alike are able to do their own picking of the reddest and juiciest strawberries from the strawberry plantation. It is something worth experiencing.

3. Fruits and Vegetable Market

Throughout my stay at Cameron highlands, I'd passed by the market numerous times since it was pretty close to my hotel. Nestled just next to a hill, the market sees a narrow two-lane road that made it difficult to drive through. As such, most people would thus park their cars along the side of the main road. Here, you can get oranges, sweet potatoes, corns, and of course, strawberries (Which are much cheaper than if you were to pay for the plucking of strawberries).

Unless you're a vegetable shopaholic, there is really nothing much to do here. Still, it's a good opportunity to soak in the sight and sound of such a market. 


1. Cameron Highlands.net. http://www.cameronhighland.net/kea-farm.htm Accessed on June 20, 2015.

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